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Anohito analyses recap and Candy Candy end theme

Candy imagining herself and Terry, Chapter 4

I’ve recapped the summary of a Japanese blog about Anohito last weekend (I nicknamed the author as "Nee-chan"). It’s a rather long post, so I better make a more simplified recap of Anohito facts and analyses. I will also present an interesting epiphany I obtained from listening to Candy Candy end theme (“Ashita ga suki”), the lyrics of which were written by Mizuki Kyoko (a.k.a Nagita Keiko) herself.

In recapping the analyses of Anohito, I use Nee-chan’s blog posts and also Scottie’s post. To be fair(er) to pro-Albert fans, I’ll refrain from talking about two main events in the Candy Candy the Final Story, i.e. Susanna Marlowe’s death and Terry’s letter to Candy afterwards. I will not analyse Candy’s unsent email to Terry, because, assuming that Candy later fell in love with Albert, that letter, and Terry’s letter to Candy post-Susanna’s death, became a moot point. However, if Candy later fell in love with Albert, I don’t think that Candy would not reply to Terry’s letter, as Bequi claimed. I think Candy would still write to Terry, but she would inform the poor man that her heart now belonged to someone else…

I will also exclude the last few letters between Albert and Candy in the Epilogue of CCFS, because as I said in my previous post, the nature of those letters is such that those letters had to be exchanged immediately after Candy learned that Albert also the Prince of the Hill. Thus, those letters cannot be the chronological epilogue, as Scottie rightly argued. Those letters should be placed way earlier in the chronology. Regarding a letter from Candy to Albert where she was thinking of returning her own diary back to Albert for safe keep, I still think that the letter is also not part of the chronological epilogue. The tone of her letter (p. 322 Japanese ver.) makes me think that her heartbreak (because of the separation with Terry) wasn't truly healed yet, hence she wanted Albert to keep her diary once more. She did say that she was happy, but the tone denies that ("At this time, the diary that you have returned to me is with me. But I have not opened it."). You can read the translation at CT Forum, but you need to register first (contact Nila for registration).

To me, the real Epilogue would be the one that logically follows the Prologue. Because the Prologue is when Candy started her monologue in her new home in England, the Epilogue should be the event right after that. There is only one passage in the CCFS that indicates a proper Epilogue: Candy rose from her reverie and, realising that her Anohito had just returned home, she hugged him. From Scottie’s post:

In that moment, the lights of the room came on suddenly.

“What’s the matter that you are in the dark, Candy?”

That sweet voice that always makes my heart beat faster …

Before the door, that person looks at me, smiling. The smile that I like so much. I have not heard the sound of the car that heralded the return of that person.

“Welcome back!” With a voice breaking with joy to be able to say these words I rose from the chair and threw myself into the arms of that person.

Vol II, p. 331. Epilogue

Since I don't have the book yet, I'm not sure if the passages above were truly at the last page of the novel. There seems to be another monologue passage that talks about rendezvous after so many separations (Vol 1, Chapter 2, p. 232 Japanese ver.), and that passage might be the candidate of the true epilogue as well following t
he "Welcome back!" passage above. Again, I have to read the book first to see the context.

(Edit 15 August 2017: Nila has given me access to the CT Forum, hence I can check the passage about the rendezvous after so many separations. The passage is part of Candy's recollection of Anthony's death, and that she often talked to Anthony in her dreams, yes, even when she was already living by the Avon River). I don't think the "rendezvous after so many separations" is part of the Epilogue, because Candy would then continue with describing what happened after Anthony's death.) 

Anyway, I only present here the facts we can gain from Candy’s monologues, scattered through the CCFS. I will group those facts/passages based on those diagnostic of Terry, those diagnostic of both Albert and Terry, and those only diagnostic of Albert. I will link those passages back to my summary of the Japanese blog posts. I will not analyse them anymore here, I will just present them as they are. You can read my post to read my (and Nee-chan’s) arguments about them.

1. Rendezvous after many difficulties


Ima made tsurai wakare wa ikutsu mo atta. Keredo, ikite sae ireba mata meguriau koto ga dekiru noda. Dakara, watashi wa mō, wakare o osorenai.

Translated by a Japanese fan over the CT Forum (I know her login name, but I prefer to obscure it here):

I had experienced many painful separations.
However, as long as we are alive, we can see each other again.
That is why I no longer fear separations.

2. Anohito’s reaction to Candy being a stowaway


Amerika ni modoru made no tabi de okotta dekigoto o hanashita toki, hajime wa ōwarai shite watashi no hanashi o kiite ita ano hito wa, fui ni shinken'na hyōjō ni naru to watashi o kitsuku dakishimeta. Yoku bujidatta, to ----. 

When we talked about what happened to my trip back to the United States, Anohito laughed out loud when he first listened to my story. Then, he suddenly hugged me tightly with a serious expression.

“Good thing you’re okay.”

3. Candy’s reluctance to leave Anohito (and vice versa)


Motto ponī sensei-tachi no yakunitachitai nodaga, ima wa -- - nani yori itsumo watashi ga chikaku ni iru koto o nozonde iru ano hito no soba o watashi mo hanaretakunai.

I would like to be more useful to the teachers at Pony’s Home, but now --- I do not wish to leave him who wants me to always be by his side.

Even by adding the “Uncle William” sentence prior to the sentence above, the conclusion remains that Terry is the Anohito here. Read my post again to see why (hint: this is Candy's monologue. Why would she address her own husband as "Uncle William" in her inner monologue?).

“Thanks to Uncle William it was possible to obtain the land of Mr. Cartwright. And Pony’s Home is full of orphans, as usual. I wish I could be of more help to the teachers, but right now —- I do not want to leave him, who, above all, wants me by his side all the time. 

4. Anohito’s smile

In that moment, the lights of the room came on suddenly.

“What’s the matter that you are in the dark, Candy?”

That sweet voice that always makes my heart beat faster …

Before the door, that person looks at me, smiling. The smile that I like so much. I have not heard the sound of the car that heralded the return of that person.

“Welcome back!” With a voice breaking with joy to be able to say these words I rose from the chair and threw myself into the arms of that person.

Vol II, p. 331. Epilogue

That sweet voice that always makes my heart beat faster …” definitely refers to Terry. However, I do have to put a caveat on the translation above, for Nee-chan did not write a phrase that can be interpreted as “That sweet voice that always makes my heart beat faster …”. 

Instead, Nee-chan wrote this:


Watashi o itsumo tokimekasu yasashī sono-goe
watashi no daisukina bishō

The voice that always calms me, the smile that I love the most. 

Therefore, adhering to the Japanese scripts, I only refer to the smile here (微笑, bishō) for Terry.

5. Anohito’s voice (added on 19 August 2017, see my longer argument here posted on the summary of Nee-chan's 8th post)

I have added the smile above as attributable to Terry. Now I will add the voice to Terry as well.


Watashi o itsumo tokimekasu yasashī sono-goe 
watashi no daisukina bishō

The gentle voice that makes my heart beating faster

the smile that I love the most

6. The complete leather-covered Shakespeare collection

Not sure if this is the complete version, but Anohito's Shakespeare collection
would be similar to these (Source)

From Scottie:

“When I closed the treasure box, I took a deep breath to cool my feelings and went into the study in the next room. Along the walls of the study is a collection of leather-bound books: A comprehensive collection of works by Shakespeare, English and French literature, medical textbooks … “Vol II. p. 197.

From Nee-chan:

Kawabyōshi no shēkusupia zenshū
Complete collection of leather-covered Shakespeare books

And back at Terry’s villa in Scotland:


-- - Terry wa kogecha-iro no kawa no sōtei mo omoomoshī hon o kyandi ni watashita. 
-- - Wa~a Terry, engeki no hon bakari ne! Shēkusupia zenshū mo aru wa

--- Terry gave Candy a heavy book with dark brown leather bindings.
--- Wow Terry, those books are about plays! You also have a complete Shakespeare collection.

7. The River Avon (check Scottie’s translation)

“The River Avon flows easily, receiving the afternoon sun of the early spring. The fresh air of the river soothes my agitated and hot emotions. A scent of daffodils comes in from the patio. I breathe the sweet aroma deep into my lungs. “Vol I. Pp. 230-235.

8. The daffodils (check Scottie’s translation and Nee-chan’s quotes)

“The River Avon flows easily, receiving the afternoon sun of the early spring. The fresh air of the river soothes my agitated and hot emotions. A scent of daffodils comes in from the patio. I breathe the sweet aroma deep into my lungs. “Vol I. Pp. 230-235.


Kyandi to ano hito no ie no niwade wa rappazuisen ga mankai ni saite imasu. Haru to itte mo terasu ni tatazunde iru to, mada tsumetai kaze ga hoho ni itai. 

Daffodils grow in Candy’s and Anohito’s garden. Although it is spring, cold wind still hurts her cheeks as she stood on the terrace.


Niwa no rappazuisen (daffodiru) no kaori ga tadayotte kuru. Watashi wa mune-ippai ni sono amai kaori o suikomu. Niwa no kigi no ma ga kogane no hikari o hanatte iru yō ni mieru no wa, takusan no rappazuisen ga mankai ni natte irukarada.

I fully inhale the sweet daffodil scent that fills the garden. The many blossoming daffodils give the impressions that the trees in the garden are emitting golden light.

And back in St. Pauls:

Achikochi ni suisen no tsubomi ga fukuranda sōgen o hashirinagara, Candy wa Anī no koto o kangaete ita. 
Thinking of Annie, Candy ran through the meadows where the daffodils grew.

To tan, Candy wa nanika ni tsumazuite, maenomeri ni taore konda. 
Eventually, Candy stumbled upon something and fell down.


Warainagara Terry mo okiagaru. Candy wa akaku natte, haneru yō ni tachiagatta. 
`Tsumazuita dake yo! Ishikoro mitai ni doko ni demo nekorobu no ne!' 
`Ishikoro wa suisen no kaori nante kaganai' tachiagatta Terry no kao ni wa nan no kizuato mo nokotte inakatta.

Laughing, Terry also got up. Candy turned red and bounced back up.

“I just stumbled on you! You sleep everywhere like a stone!
“Stones cannot smell the daffodil fragrance,” Terry stood up, no scar left on his face.

1. Slim’s painting


Sūnenmae, Rondon no nominoichi de sono aburae o mitsukete kureta no wa, ano hitoda. 
Nanto sutekina okurimonodatta kotodarou. 

Ano hito wa, takusan no furubita aburae no naka kara hitome mite sugu ni sono e ga “ponī no ie” o kaita monoda to wakatta noda.

The two sentences, and also some sentences before and after Nee-chan’s quote are translated as follows (see source):

There stood oil painting “#10”, enclosed within a handmade frame. My love had placed it so it could be seen from anywhere in the house. Several years back, he had found the painting in a London flea market.

Oh, what a wonderful gift it was.

With only a quick glance, he had picked #10 from a pile of old paintings, knowing immediately it depicted Pony’s house.

2. Stear’s Happiness Music Box

Kowarete shimatta sutea no” shiawase ni nari-ki” o -- - itomokantan'ni ano hito wa shūri shite kureta.
Stear’s broken Happiness Box – that person fixed it easily.

3. The mother-of-pearl heirloom box


Anohito no ie ni daidai tsutawaru koburi no hōseki to mazāobupāru de sōshoku sa reta ōkina zōgan-zaiku no hōseki-bako.

A large inlaid jewelry box decorated with small jewels and mother-of-pearls, passed to him through generations of his family

Passages diagnostic of ONLY Albert: None.

Contact me if you find any Anohito passage solely diagnostic of Albert.

Thus, with at least 8 passages solely attributable to Terry, 3 passages attributable to both Albert and Terry, and no passage attributable to Albert, I can safely say that Terence Graham Granchester is the Anohito in CCFS, beyond reasonable doubt.

“I Love Tomorrow” – Candy Candy Ending Theme

Just a quickie: Below is the Candy Candy anime ending theme. The lyrics were written by Mizuki Kyoko herself, the song was beautifully sung by Mitsuko Horie, and the masterpiece melody was created by Watanabe Takeo.

(I've updated the lyric translation based on my own understanding)

Ashita Ga Suki (I love tomorrow)

Ashita wa doko kara umarete kuru no?
Watashi wa ashita ga, ashita ga suki
Suteki na koto ga aisō de
Watashi wa ashita ga, ashita ga suki

Where does tomorrow come from?
I love, I love tomorrow
Because there’s a chance wonderful things will happen
I love, I love tomorrow


Kira kira hikaru kaze no mukō de
Anohito ga watashi wo, watashi wo yondeiru

Beyond the sparkling wind
That person is calling me

Ashita no koto wo yume ni miru no
Watashi wa ashita ga, ashita ga suki
Yasashii hito ni aisō de
Watashi wa ashita ga, ashita ga suki

I’m always dreaming about tomorrow
I love, I love tomorrow
Because there’s the chance I’ll meet that gentle person
I love, I love tomorrow


Midori ga yureru oka no ue de
Anohito ga watashi wo, watashi wo, matteiru

On the hill where greeneries rustle gently
That person is waiting, waiting for me

“That gentle person” (やさしい ひと ) definitely inclines to Albert, for Albert is indeed a gentle person. Terry can be gentle too at times, particularly when he was touched, such as when he saw Candy’s dress torn after the horse ride. 

Terry bandaged Candy's arm, Chapter 3

Or when he gently kissed Candy's forehead in Scotland...

...or when he gently kissed Candy's forehead, Chapter 3

However, a person who is constantly gentle is Albert, I have to give that.

Nonetheless, the lyrics also refer to an Anohito who waits for Candy on the hills. It’s natural for us (including me) to assume that this Anohito in the song is Albert, for Albert did meet Candy for the first time on Pony’s Hill. Albert definitely also met Candy on Pony’s Hill at the end of the manga.

HOWEVER, Terry also frequently met Candy at the Second Pony’s Hill in St. Paul. 

First time Candy met Terry at St. Paul's Pony's Hill, Chapter 2
And Terry actually often visited that hill prior to Candy's arrival, Chapter 2

Candy-Terry met so often at the St. Paul's hill that the annoying Eliza Lagan noticed that...

Chapter 3

Terry also had a mansion in Scotland, and he would frequently meet Candy there during their summer holiday. There’s a reason why Scotland is called the Highland; it IS indeed a very hilly and green place. 

The hilly Scottish village where Candy et al. spent their summer, Chapter 3

In fact, Terry actually said that he was waiting for Candy to arrive in a particular spot by the bank of a lake in Scotland. The place was by the lake, hence it was not exactly on top of the hill (oka), although it was located in a hilly region. However, the place was certainly midori/green.

Terry was waiting for Candy  in Scotland, Chapter 3

Thus, to me, the lyrics in CC anime ending theme is also attributable to Terry. Given that Kyoko wrote the lyrics (she only wrote the opening and ending themes, and not other CC songs), I bet she actually secretly referred to Terry as the Anohito waiting for Candy on the hill…. Conveniently escaping the power of editor and her overbearing (but very talented) illustrator…

And need I say that Terry was the son of a Duke? If we talk about the Prince of the Hill – as is always referred to in the series – Terry, not Albert, is actually closer to that concept, because Terry actually had a noble lineage. That is not to say that Albert is not a noble person – HE IS – but if we talk about a true prince in the lineage sense, Terry, not Albert, is THE Prince.

Candy thinking about his Prince as she arrived in Scotland, Chapter 3

Oh Candy... you didn't realise how true your words were... it's just the Prince here is not Albert, he's Terry...

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