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Candy Candy the Final Story: the Real Happy Ending

Terence G. Granchester and Candy White Ardlay (art by Yumiko Igarashi)

Created by Kyoko Mizuki and drawn by Yumiko Igarashi, Candy Candy was my first anime, if not the second, after Lulu the Flower Princess. That was way back in the mid 1980s when I was about 9-10 years old, when all mangas and animes were innocent and non-exploitative…

I love Candy for her exuberant character, despite all the hardship she had to endure as an orphan in Indiana USA. I thought that Candy would be forever with Anthony Brown, the sweetheart she met during her trying days at the Lagan House. Yet, I never finished her story, for somehow my VHS/Beta rental store stopped supplying her stories. Then when I was already in college, this was already 1992 onwards, I started reading Candy Candy manga from cover-to-cover, all the nine volumes. I remember the days when I went to Gramedia just to buy the next CC instalment. I returned to her early days in Pony Home, her beautiful days with Anthony Brown, Alistair Cornwell and Archibald Cornwell, her broken heart when [SPOILERS] Anthony died… and then my heart beat when she met Terence Granchester. Terry, the naughty yet broken boy who made her laugh again (but not before forcing her to face her nightmares about Anthony).

Then, as I reached for Volume 7, I cried my heart out when she and Terry broke up. Not because they grew out of love… but because Candy chose to leave Terry to Susanna Marlowe, a girl who rescued Terry during an accident. My heart broke when Candy left Susanna’s hospital in a snow blizzard, as Terry tried to stop her from leaving…

The rest of the story gave me little happiness, particularly when [SPOILERS AGAIN] Stair died during World War I. My heart cried with Candy and Patty O’Brien (Stair’s girlfriend), and I thought of just ending the book right there. I was somewhat glad I kept reading, for eventually Candy found her happy ending in the form of William Albert Ardlay (earlier romanisations would write his name as “Aubrey”, which sounds right to me). Albert had always been Candy’s secret benefactor, protector, and father/brother figure. It turned out then… that Albert was the “Prince on the Hill” whom Candy met during Volume I of the story. A good ending, right? Candy was reunited with Albert, and no doubt that they would get married eventually.

Well… yeah, but just because I want Candy to be happy, for she indeed deserved happiness after all those abuses and heart breaks. But truth be told, I always thought that Candy should be with Terry. Alas… it wasn’t meant to be… Thus I never re-read Candy Candy anymore. Too painful... 

Terry holding Candy for the last time, art by Yumiko Igarashi

That is, until three days ago, a fateful Tuesday night when I out of the blue Googled Candy Candy. I never revisited Candy Candy anymore, for I had never been able to free myself from the pain of Candy-Terry separation. Thus… three nights ago, it was with glee, sweetness, and actually a LOT of tears that I learned that Candy actually did end up with Terry. They indeed got married and lived a beautiful life together…

Eh, wait, how exactly it happened, you said? You who also watched and read Candy Candy with me, you who also threw the manga to the corner of the room because you couldn’t stand Terry-Candy break up? (If you haven’t read the manga because you’re not from the glorious 70s-80s gen, read e.g. Koala’s Playground summary of CC).

Well, after examining loads of internet conversations, I have come to the conclusion that Kyoko Mizuki, or shall I say Nagita Keiko-sensei (that’s her real name) had always wanted to end Candy Candy with a reconciliation between Candy and Terry. This was way back in the mid 1970s (CC was first published in April 1975, a year after I was born!). But it seems that her then-illustrator (Yumiko Igarashi) and also Toei Animation (the company who produced the anime) wanted it otherwise, hence the Candy-Terry break up became permanent in the manga and anime in general. Exception was made for the Italian version of the anime (surely with Toei’s approval?), that Terry and Candy eventually reconciled after Terry left Susanna. I didn’t know this until three nights ago.

Also unbeknownst to me, between 1998 and 2001, three lawsuits appeared between Nagita Keiko and Yumiko Igarashi (CC’s illustrator), because the latter wanted to publish CC stories without the approval of Keiko (the original author). The court later confirmed that Keiko indeed had 50% copyright of the character. Being the original author, Keiko also had the rights to publish a Candy Candy novel without the involvement of Yumiko or Toei.  

Hence, on 1 November 2010, a good nine years after the end of the lawsuit battle with her former illustrator, Nagita Keiko-sensei published the novelisation of Candy Candy and called it “Candy Candy the Final Story”. Unlike the manga version, Candy Candy the Final Story novel has a prologue (unofficially translated by Self Taught Japanese), where a 30 years old Candy was reminiscing her old life from her new home in England. Candy wrote in her prologue letter that she wanted to visit the Pony Home, but she also knew that her husband wanted her to always be by his side. The novel also has an epilogue, and in between the prologue and the epilogue, we can find a third person narration of Candy's life just as depicted in the manga and anime. Along with the narration, we can also read letters written by Candy or for Candy. Many, if not most, letters were written between Candy and Albert (which, I suppose, made Albert-Candy shippers considered those letters as love letters), but there are letters from and to Candy’s other friends too.  Many letters, such as the letter from Albert to Candy, explained how the 17 years old Albert met the six years old Candy at the Pony Hill. A sweet letter from Candy to the deceased Stair (Alistair) shows how important Alistair Cornwell still was for Candy, after all these years...

Art by Yumiko Igarashi

Although the novel followed closely the manga and anime versions, the novel also contained some essential additions, which basically rewrote the Candy-Terry romance. The first essential addition was Candy’s letter to Terry, written a few years after their break up, but never sent. The letter basically admitted how much she still cared for him.

(Edit 28 August 2017: thanks to Lady Gato, I noticed that Candy actually also wrote an unsent letter to Terry in the 1978/9 novel, but the tone of that letter was vastly different from her unsent letter to Terry in the CCFS 2010; hence I still think that Candy's unsent letter to Terry in the 2010 novel is very important). 

The second essential addition was news that Susanna Marlowe died, and in the obituary Candy read that Susanna and Terry were never married. They were indeed engaged, but they were never married. The third (most) essential addition was Terry’s letter to Candy, basically admitted that everything remained the same (i.e. he still loved Candy) and that he wanted to renew their friendship.

art by Yumiko Igarashi

The novel’s epilogue showed Candy returning from her reminiscent to find her husband (“Anohito” – “that person” or “he/him”) returning home. Anohito entered the living room (which contained books on Shakespeares and medical matters), Candy rose from her chair and hugged him.

Now, who is this Anohito? Who is Candy's beloved husband?

I believe that Anohito is Terry, for many reasons. Three important additions (Candy’s unsent letter to Terry post-break up, Susanna’s death, and Terry’s letter to Candy post Susanna’s death) are just too crucial to insert without any consequences. Scottie had made a very good and long review of why Terence Graham Granchester is Anohito. Read her post; it’s worthwhile, though I spent more than an hour reading it. However, the most practical reason that made me think Anohito as Terry is simply this:

Why would Nagita Keiko-sensei revise CC into a novel if she didn't want to change something? Writing a novelisation of Candy Candy is a BIG and PAINFUL work, you know, particularly after the lawsuits. Nagita-sensei did say that she wanted to write the ending as she always wanted it to be (“My heart is seems to be still flying. But I could really say good bye to this matter. This is the real final to me”). So... with all the pain and fuss of revising a story, since the manga version ends with Candy meeting Albert anyway, it doesn't make sense if the Anohito is still Albert. My sentiment apparently echoes Ana Luisa Aldana's sentiment written on 14 April 2012 on Bequi's interpretation:

Despite your extensive essay placed here, I do not get a sense that you considered or explored the motivations of the author to publish this Final Story. In my opinion, of the story she wanted to truly tell was the one presented to us, then in my opinion she really had no need to...yet she still did. Why? If in fact she truly always had Albert in mind for Candy then the story was told to her satisfaction, no need to indulge in this sort of Final Story-telling.

Motivation is a very important thing to rewrite a big saga like Candy Candy. Anyone who has ever written a book, a thesis, or even a long fan-fiction know how taxing an act of rewriting a book can be. If  it ain't not broken, why fix it? If there's no desire to change the end of the book, why rewrite it??

After all, this is what Nagita-sensei wrote in her message board to her fans:

"About the novel version Candy... I know it's so late to let you know about this. (It was scheduled to be published this May), but finally I had the first draft checked. It's already beautifully-bound, but It was much harder work than I thought to rewrite the whole content. Maybe the reason why I stopped working on it sometimes is because I had often recalled some painful memories. Despite that, the more I rewrite, the more I could leave the manga and past memories, then got the new world. But I also felt that manga readers might not like the new world. Anyway, now, all the painful memories have evaporated. Finally, I got really refreshed. It will be divided into 2 volumes. I took the style that Candy in her 30's recalls her memory and could face anew each character. That was a blissful time. I'll let you know again after the date of issue will be decided."
(July 29, 2010, translated by Tarzan Freckles)

"About Candy Candy final story—

I've finished checking the galley of the postface today. Now, I ended my role in this project. I wanted to tell all of you about the release date as soon as we decided it... I'm sorry.... A certain issue depressed me so much, so I couldn't post here for a while. (I put the detail of this issue on my homepage: I felt like Candy and other characters were stained and then I felt terrible. However, when I looked at the cover and belly band, I'm satisfied that I hung on to the end. It will be published on Oct. 28. The price is 1,680 yen (about 21 USD) each. It has 2 volumes. It's expensive, isn't it? When I was offered first, it was planned as a , so I thought I . That's why I decided. It was getting more lavish before I knew it. But If Hat-chan looks at the front page filled with roses, I wondered if she would want to draw it and what Rose-san will say about it... While imagining such things, I got more excited. As Shoko-ooobasama imagines, this work was really hard... But I'm happy everyone is glad... As I say repeatedly, this novel . It's the novel I rewrote thoroughly. Despite that, the new novel has 300 pages more than the old one, and Candy in her 30's looks back at her memories. Therefore, the editor says kindly it's the newly-written novel... But the content is the same as old one. So, please don't expect too much. It really took much time. My heart seems to be still flying. But I could really say good-bye to this matter. This is the real final to me. I want to take a deep breath after this novel will be published. What a long journey this was!... I'm recalling those who kindly keep on supporting me since this matter happened. Thank you. I'll be pretty nervous until the release date. May this novel give you all joy..."
(October 14, 2010, translated by Tarzan Freckles)

CC the Final Story was a true final story for Nagita Keiko/Kyoko Mizuki. It means that the original manga, written more than 30 years ago, did not end the way she truly wanted it to end. She doubted if the manga readers would like the new book ("But I also felt that manga readers might not like the new world"). It can be because the novel was now written in a different format (with dates purposely hidden)... but it can also be because she drastically altered the result/conclusion of the new book.

As for me... Much as I love Albert, my heart never flutters for him. Don't get me wrong. I do love Albert. I think he's an adorable individual, almost too good to be true. His presence in Candy's life is of utmost importance to her, and I will not discount his importance because I don't see Albert-Candy as a pair.

Yet to me, Candy-Albert is like siblings, while Terry sparks her fire more...Anyway. I just realised that of course, just as Candy-Terry shippers exist, Candy-Albert shippers also exist. Candy-Albert shippers had the point: Terry was a broken man who might not make Candy happy. What they overlooked was that Terry was broken not because he was a spoilt child, but because he was an abandoned and lonely child. He wasn’t bad from the start… and Candy actually helped him to become a better man. Surely Terry had to do his homework first before he became worthy of Candy – and boy, did he do his homework! He rose to stardom without his dad’s money, he abandoned alcohol because he wanted to be worthy of Candy… and he even waited for more than 1.5 years before contacting Candy after Susanna’s death because 1) he wanted to respect Susanna’s memory, and 2) he wanted to heal himself first. Now do tell me that Terry is not worthy of Candy, and I will remind you not to cast the first stone.

While I did accept the Candy-Albert possibility, I accepted them just because I wanted Candy to be happy. However, the fact that I never revisited Candy Candy signifies my own reluctance to accept that ending. I could just not move on from Candy-Terry…just as Candy herself (or Nagita-Sensei actually) later wrote in Candy's unsent letter to Terry (which was written some time after she learned that Albert was, after all, Uncle William):
"Still today, I jealously conserve all your letters, but I cannot read them again."

"your letters" here refer to Terry's old letters he sent to Candy before they broke up in New York.

People who have moved on can look back to the past and smile at the past. Candy still could not do that, even after those years. Even after she learned that Albert was Uncle William (which meant, it was dated after the end in the manga), she still could not read Terry's old letters to her. Tell me that it means that Candy had let go... and I tell you straight to your eyes: No, this is not what letting go is.

Candy watching Terry's King Lear (art by Yumiko Igarashi)

It seems, Nagita-sensei was like that too. Until she wrote and finish The Final Story.

It seems The Final Story was a catharsis for Nagita-sensei to close this chapter of her life for good, and I can understand that. Watching your creation ending not so in the way you wanted, plus having lawsuits afterwards about your creation, are very painful. Nagita-sensei needed this novel just as we need it. For that, I thank her tremendously.

Anyway, if any of you is interested to read the fan-fiction of how Candy was reunited with Terry (after she received her letter), read “The Season of Daffodils” by Josephine Hymes. I have to say, this authoress is truly skilful in making me believing that Candy’s stories were indeed set at the dawn and dusk of World War I, and the years before World War II. Josephine wrote poignantly of the Twenties fashion style and political issues. Using the language of Downtown Abbey, she expanded the Granchester-Baker story (Eleanor Baker was Terry’s biological mother; I adore her exceedingly), and she even hinted on the possibility of Candy being biologically related to Albert and Anthony (my thought is that Candy was the sister of Anthony, just because she looked very much like his mother – but nothing more was written on this front). There were passages that required editing, but writing 351 pages is tiring enough, hence I put no blame on Josephine. Instead, I thank her (and Keiko Nagita of course!) from the deepest part of my heart, for making the 10 years old me, the 20ish years old me and the 43 years old me happy again.

Post script 29 July 2017

I have been listening to Horie Mitsuki's Candy Candy songs since the last few days since I found CC the Final Story. I realised again that, but for the opening themes (Candy Candy, written by Nagita Keiko), almost all CC songs referred to or hinted at Albert as Candy's sweetheart. It is of course in line with Toei's (and I think Yumiko Igarashi's) intention of pairing up Albert and Candy.  Thus, I can understand why Candy-Albert fans are reluctant to accept the possibility of Candy-Terry pairing in the Final Story. 

Take "Ashita ga suki" ("I love tomorrow"), the ending theme of CC (the original anime) for example, beautifully composed by Nagita Keiko herself and elegantly delivered by Horie Mitsuko. The whole the settings on the hill and the greeneries gave hints of the meetings between Candy and Albert, although Candy and Terry also shared green hills in St Paul and Scotland. But the nail in the coffin for Candy-Terry fans in the anime is this song:

"Akogare no Hito" (My Beloved) definitely refers to Albert, if not Anthony, for the song talks about a blond prince with bagpipes. There's no room for Terry there, and that's fine. That's what was agreed between Nagita Keiko, Yumiko Igarashi, and - later - Toei Animation. Note that Wikipedia does not mention Nagita as the composer of this song (Wikipedia can be wrong, but I need to see the document that Nagita did write this song).

But then came CC The Final Story, and I can look back at these songs with a smile in my heart.

There is no way the Anohito in the Final Story is Albert. No way. If he was Albert, he wouldn't migrate to England with Candy, taking her so far away from the Pony Home and Indiana... Plus, Albert's financial kingdom is mostly in the US, and with another war looming in Europe (WW II this time), it makes no sense for Albert to bring his beloved (if he indeed considered Candy as a woman, not as a sister) to a dangerous place like England. Bequi and other Candy-Albert shippers have suggested that the love between Candy-Albert was scandalous at that time (because Albert was Candy's adopted father), hence Albert had to take Candy away to England to marry her and to live with her.

Does not make sense. I agree with Scottie: If Albert loved Candy that way, and in time she loved him like that in return, he would cancel her adoption, freeing them to get married. Albert adopted Candy without anyone's consent; he did not need anyone's consent either if he wanted to marry her. He had to cancel out the adoption first, but that can be done. The legal link between him and Candy can be easily canceled out, unlike if he was Candy's blood brother or biological father.

On the other hand, it makes perfect sense for Terry to bring his bride to England, for he was British anyway, and he loved Shakespeare. Purchasing a painting of Pony Home (painted by Slim, a former Pony resident) for Candy makes sense, because the painting connects Candy to her beloved Pony Home. Having Shakespeare and medical books in Candy's England living room makes sense if she shared her life with Terry, for Terry was a Shakespearean actor (with Albert, the books would be, as Josephine Hymes pointed out in her excellent fan fiction, of travels and faraway places like Africa and Australia). Plus, as Scottie pointed out, Candy was reluctant to return to Pony Home because she knew her beloved needed her by his side.
“Thanks to Great Uncle William, it was possible to obtain the land of Mr. Cartwright. And Pony’s Home is full of orphans as usual. I would like to be of more help to the teachers, but right now —- I do not want to leave HIM whom, above all, wants me by his side all the time. “Vol I. p. 230-235, Candy ‘s retrospection

Albert was never a possessive person; Terry was. Terry was jealous of Anthony; Terry also bought Candy a one-way ticket to New York so that she would stay with him in NYC. Of course possessiveness is not healthy; eventually Terry would have to learn to control it if he and Candy got married. But we are not talking about whether Terry's possessiveness is bad or not (I admit it is). We talk about the characteristic of this Anohito (HIM) who "above all, wants me by his side all the time." And, truly, after at least a decade of separation (Susanna died about 10 years after Terry-Candy separation), would you blame Terry for always wanting Candy to be by his side? Would you blame Candy for always want to be by his side?

Those italic sentences Candy wrote above screamed TERRY to me, not Albert.

Hence, there was no room for Albert interpretation in the Final Story. Albert was Candy's foster father, brother figure, a person dearly beloved by Candy. But he was not the Anohito.

I agree with Scottie: Terence Graham Granchester was the Anohito... and I feel like my heart flutters like Candy's when she read his letter for the first time in a decade...

Update 4 August 2017

Found that Scottie has her own blog, and she proposed a timeline of CCFS here. It's very interesting, thanks, Scottie!

I also found another Candy-Terry fan fiction, written by Alexa Kang. Titled "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else", the story later produced a spin-off about the daughter of Candy and Terry. Alexa took it further to make the spin-off a true original fiction called Rose of Anzio. It's available at Amazon, and I intend to buy the four volumes (the books receive good critics, hope to have it made into a movie!). Alexa had to change some characters and details to respect Nagita Keiko (Kyoko Mizuki)'s copyright, but as the result, we have an original fiction that offers winks to the Candy-Terry saga. Definitely in my reading list!


momwithsneakers said...

Hello Icha,
Im a new reader of your blog. You have written exactly how I feel. I couldnt move on from the fact that CC is not happy ending (since she wasnt with Terry). And I too, randomly googled CC, stumbled on the page, found The Seasons of The Daffodils, and love it to pieces.

As for the whole blog, I couldnt put in one word. Because I couldnt pick the word, keren, warbyasak, or just wow.. ;)

Salam kompak
-35yrs who is happy again :)

Icha said...

Hahaha! Thanks a lot, Mom with Sneakers!

Yeah, after more than three decades, we helpless romantics are happy again! I read and re-read the facts in the Final Story and I cannot help but conclude that Terry is Anohito. It cannot be Albert, no matter how much Kyoko-san tried to conceal her real intention...

momwithsneakers said...

Found your blog in the page. In introduction forum, I guess. Your writings is just WOW. I like your scientific method of explaining, you have excellent skills gathering data and put them in writing. If you dont mind, may I know your school background? Just to have a reference for my children. Thankyou. Nice to know you.

Oh and I think I will share your blog in my FB page. Have few friends who are Candy2 fans too (some of them not girls, haha), I bet they would be ecstatic to hear theres a new ending.. 😊😊

Icha said...

Hi Mom With Sneakers, thanks a lot for the reply! Yeah, I actually deleted that question about where you found my blog because I realised you already provided the answer. But thanks a lot for telling the story again!

I have a PhD in environmental science, I guess that's why I dissected CC Final Story like madness. I'm learning Japanese now to understand more about the nuances.

And YES PLEASE, do share the blog on your FB Page! More happy hearts is great!

momwithsneakers said...

Hi Icha, me again haha..
So I finally post this CCFS, with a link to this blog, on my FB page.
One of my friend insisted that, she has read an unpublished novel of CC (she said) where the ending is Candy with Albert.
Ehm, now I really hv no intention to debate her or whatsoever. I just wanted to show her, that CCFS is the OFFICIAL novel released by Keiko Nagita herself. Not just some writing which you cannot trace.
I really respect my dear friend. And for me, I dont mind if shes happy with the ending she has read. I dont want to force this CCFS to her. I think everyone deserver "their" Candy to be happy.
Anyway, I am trying to find a kind of link that says, CCFS is the last version of Candy Candy, released officialy by the author..

Can you help me please...
Anyway, can I have your email?

Icha said...

Hi MWS! I can relate with your story re your friend...

My email is

I may have the link (it’s in the CandyTerry Paradise), but I need about a week. The novel (in Japanese) also has the post script by the author.

Busy with deadlines now, but email me anytime! Your email will be a soothing break for me!

Zyvanny said...

Hello Icha.. I really love to read the book "Candy Candy the Final Story".. Where can I buy them (2 vol)? Thank you in advance

Icha said...

Hi Zyvanny,

I bought CCFS vol 1 and 2 in eBay and Amazon. They were second hand but still VERY expensive. The books pop up every now and then. I hope you can still find them!

Alternatively, go to Amazon Italy and buy the Italian version... We have no Eng ver to date at all...

Unknown said...

I am so grateful to you for your blog!

Sweet Poupee said...

Hi there--
Unfortunately you got the legal thing incorrect. The ending of Candy Candy was Nagita all along, and Igarashi was trying to take credit for the ending. Igarashi took Nagita' original manuscript from her (and hid it) and made claim in court that it was she who wrote the ending and that she had creative control. I have also translated and summarized the Legal case, from Nagita's essay. Nagita intended Candy to be with Albert all along, as she stated in her Nakayoshi interview, and it was also the key part of the court case. She also drove that point home again by re-establishing the invisible thread/bond with Albert three times in CCFS. I translated the Japanese to English text on my website ( I am bi-lingual native) and saw that there were errors in the Italian translations. If you are interested, feel free to read at or at But I know people will want to believe what they want to believe, but I wanted to post the accurate translations.
I appreciate the care and attention you have put on this site.

Icha said...

Hi Sweet Poupee,

Thank you for your information. I understand that people will have their own interpretations, and that's fine. I have at least one Japanese bilingual who thinks that Terry is Anohito (I've posted her article here), and thus my conclusions were also backed up by at least a native speaker.

Having said that, thank you for the visit, and I shall check your translations later.

sweet poupee said...

Hi Icha
I believe that Terry is Anohito as well. I listed all the rationales.
I only recently read Nagita's statement on the Legal case, and her 3 Loves Essay, which clarified who wrote the ending, and her intent on the story ( that is what the Legal case was about. Igarashi was trying to take claim on the ending, but Nagita was fighting to prove that it was hers). I did not know that. So, from what I read, Nagita showed that there was a romance between Candy and Albert ( that was the purpose of the letters). But the biggest clue mystery that remained was what happened to Albert? After carefully going over the clues, I have my summary, if you are interested. I believe Nagita gave both men to the readers, but for heartbreaking reason.

Icha said...

Hi Sweet Poupee,

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying your points. I see that your website is up and running now, I'll have a read after the New Year!

I'll let you know what I think later in your web, although I still think Nagita prefers Terry to Albert (from her crying after she wrote the separation scene between Terry and Candy).

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

sweet poupee said...

Hi Icha
Yes, she was devastated after writing that scene ( I translated that part of her interview as well), but she said as heartbreaking as it was, that it was her intent to make them part, like in life. She wanted Candy to go through heartbreak and yet go through life, live and be happy despite hardships, and to get the man that was destined for her. (Read the 3 Loves Essay that I also translated).

Yes, there's no question that Anohito is Terry, and I think she did it mainly to appease the Terry fans. But she also gave the readers Albert (as she originally intended)... but I believe, in a tragic manner, which fits Nagita. Would be interested in hearing what you think.

Happy New Year.

angelita said...

Thank you so much!!!

Mier Volcano lazerone said...

Khabar gembira bagi fans pasangan Candy-Albert!!!
Prancis akan meluncurkan buku terjemahan resmi Candy Candy Final Story dg sub judul Vol.1 "Candice White l' Orpheline" pd tgl 13/3/2019 dan Vol.2 "Le Prince de la Colline" pada tgl 12/6/2019. Dua sub judul tsb telah mendapat persetujuan dari sensei Keiko Nagita atau yg biasa kita kenal dg Kyoko Mizuki. Dia pun akan hadir u/ peluncuran buku tersebut dan memberikan tanda tangannya pd tanggal 15-17/3/2019 di lokasi yg sudah ditentukan; Stand Pika Edition & Librarie Gibert Jeune Ă  Paris. Silahkan kunjungi page 'Pika Edition' di
atau searching di internet untuk memastikan khabar ini. Disana para fans Terry banyak yg protes karena perihal sub judul vol.2 tersebut XD dan pihak Pika edition memberikan penjelasan mengapa memilih sub judul tersebut :) tidak lain karena benang merah yg terhubung antara Candy & Albert. Lucunya fanatik dari fans Terry justru tetap meyakini kalau Terrylah sang pangeran diatas bukit dikarenakan dia juga pernah datang ke atas bukit Pony padahal jelas2 pihak Pika sudah memberikan penjelasan ttg pentingnya Albert dlm cerita tsb.
Fans Candy-Albert di seluruh penjuru dunia sedang merayakan khabar gembira ini sebab akhirnya telah terbit cahaya terang tersebut!! Wohoooo!!Yeah!!

Mier Volcano lazerone said...

Maaf salah kasih info sub judul CCFS vol.2, yang benar: "Le Prince sur la colline".

Icha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Icha said...

Thanks a lot for the info. There is the reply from Pika about the question re: the second subtitle. This reply can be found in the forum, which you might not be willing to visit.

I have to delete the Pika reply because I haven't received approval from CandyTerry moderator to post the reply for all to see. However, Pika clearly stated that the subtitle is meant as a red herring, to maintain a certain mystery to one of the common themes in the CCFS>

Therefore, to date I will still maintain my argument that Anohito is Terry. I will post an article about this issue soon. Thank you for reading this.

Icha said...

Pika has apparently posted their reply to Nila to their own website. Hence, I have no scruple to post the Pika reply here:

Le choix des sous-titres

Vous avez Ă©tĂ© nombreux Ă  vous interroger sur la raison de la prĂ©sence de sous-titres sur les deux tomes de l’adaptation française de Candy – Final Story et sur la pertinence de notre choix. Cet ajout par rapport Ă  la version japonaise rĂ©pond Ă  notre volontĂ© premiĂšre de confĂ©rer aux romans une identitĂ© claire et plus parlante qu’une simple tomaison, comme il est d’usage de le faire en roman en France. De ce fait, chaque sous-titre a Ă©tĂ© mĂ»rement rĂ©flĂ©chi pour reflĂ©ter au mieux les enjeux des deux tomes.
Ainsi, le premier, Candice White, l’orpheline, s’intĂ©resse Ă  la jeunesse de Candy et Ă  sa quĂȘte d’un foyer aimant tandis que le second, Le Prince sur la colline se focalise davantage sur le mystĂšre qui entoure ce personnage Ă©nigmatique, Ă  propos duquel Candy n’a de cesse de se questionner tout au long de sa vie ; tout comme le lecteur, au fil des pages. Il ne s’agit donc pas ici d’influencer la lecture qui peut ĂȘtre faite de la fin de cette Ɠuvre culte qu’est Candy, mais plutĂŽt d’entretenir un suspense autour du fil-rouge clef de cette merveilleuse histoire. De plus, l’espoir de trouver une famille et la figure idĂ©alisĂ©e du prince sont deux leitmotivs rĂ©currents chez Candy, qu’il nous est apparu intĂ©ressant de mettre en avant au travers de ces sous-titres.

Dans un souci de respect de l’Ɠuvre originale et de la volontĂ© de l’auteure, ces deux sous-titres ont par ailleurs Ă©tĂ© approuvĂ©s par Keiko Nagita. Il n’appartient donc toujours qu’Ă  vous, lecteurs, de dĂ©cider, conformĂ©ment au souhait de Keiko Nagita, du dĂ©nouement de cette fabuleuse histoire !

Icha said...

Sweet Poupee, I've read your corrections of the fan-translated manga pages about Terry. Very interesting. My progress with my Japanese classes is quite steady, hence I understand what you meant by the mistranslated nuances. Thank you!

I've also registered to your website and will happily read your translations when you approve me. Thank you so much for your hard work, ăŠă€ă‹ă‚Œă•ăŸă§ă—ăŸ!

sweetpoupee said...

Hi Icha--- I approved your registration. Thank you for stopping by! I also love reading your intelligent and thoughtful analysis on your site... seems like we both picked up on the Terry clues... although I see two timelines and two men in her life... esp after reading every word and studying Jean Webster's Daddy Long Legs ( which Candy Candy is influenced by)has the exact Albert/Jarvis reveal ending, and the Epilogue of CCFS is heavily similar to that novel as well ( almost same letters sometimes). Would be interested in hearing what you think.... I hope I'm wrong, but it's the only thing that fits and makes sense. Why else would Nagita sensei devote a big part to the Epilogue to the letters... and what happened to Albert?? That is the big piece to the puzzle.

Thank you also for your amazing work on your site.
Respectfully yours... Icha-san mo otsukaresama deshita.

sweetpoupee said...

I forgot to write that I did come up with my thoughts on what happened to Albert ( see my translation comments after certain chapters and my final summary comments on my website). Yes, although as absurd my theory seems, if you look at the rationales and the clues Nagita provided, it's the only thing that makes sense. Also, there's a hint to what I think happened to Albert in Daddy Long Legs novel as well....(although in the sequel that did not happen, but it made me wonder if Nagita chose the alternative). I really hope I am wrong, but it's the only thing that fits the puzzle and makes sense of it all. I would like to ask Nagita -sensei this if I could.

Icha said...

Here's the translation of Pika's announcement re: the second subtitle, translated by Nila who's been living in Europe (hence she has quite a good grip of French):

Many of you have wondered about the reason for the subtitles on the two volumes of the French adaptation of Candy - Final Story and the relevance of our choice. This addition to the Japanese version meets our primary desire to give the novels a clear and more meaningful identity than a simple tome (volume), as it is customary to do in the novel in France. As a result, each subtitle has been carefully considered to best reflect the issues of the two volumes.

Thus, the first, "Candice White, the orphan", is interested in Candy's youth and her quest for a loving home while the second, "The Prince on the Hill" focuses more on the mystery that surround this enigmatic character, about whom Candy is constantly questioning herself throughout her life; just like the reader, over the pages. So this is not about influencing the reading at the end of this cult work that is Candy, but rather to maintain a suspense around the key common thread of this wonderful story. In addition, the hope of finding a family and the idealized figure of the prince are two recurring leitmotif (themes) in Candy, which we found interesting to put forward through these subtitles.

In order to respect the original work and the author's will, these two subtitles have been approved by Keiko Nagita. It is therefore up to you, readers, to decide, in accordance with Keiko Nagita's wish, the outcome of this fabulous story!
We hope you'll be there in March to discover the adventures of your favorite heroine in bookstores, and look forward to your feedback.
Thank you again for your loyalty and your involvement in our titles!

Icha said...

Hi Sweet Poupee,

Thanks for your thoughts. When I read your post, I thought it made sense. I have to read the translations first before I arrive at my own conclusions. However, one section where Candy reminisced about her life with Albert at Magnolia Apartment made me think that Albert did grow to love her, which is a natural progress to me.

I'll contact you again after I read your translations. Thanks again!

sweetpoupee said...

Hi Icha
Thanks for sharing the Pika comment ( they also are communicating with me and I received that message as well). Also, I am a very good friend of Nila's ( we know each other since the original Candy Candy debuted!) so we are attuned. :)

I really hope I am wrong about my theory, because it really is devastating to me, but it's the only thing that fits. I will keep you posted if I get any more info/answers....


Mier Volcano lazerone said...

Emangnya aku tak tau gitu jawaban Pika. Iye, fans Terry kan kirim surat ke Pika nanyain tuh knape judul buku nomor 2nya Pangeran diatas bukit Poni. Pake ada yg bilang klo jawaban Pika memuaskan segala. Nih ya, di Pika juga ada terjemahan Prancis dari buku nomor 1 sampai halaman 41. Coba deh tanyain ke forum situ. Eh tapi pake fansnya ngarang2 Tery yg jadi pangeran bukit. Udah kehabisan cara ngebrainwash fans Albert. Cuma gara2 judulnya -Pangeran diatas bukit- trus masalahin klo di dalam buku ditulis --le petit prince de la colline- (little prince on the hill) yah.. Jepangnya aja -oka no ue no oujisama- sama bener dgn judul buku prancisnya. Klo di prancis, tambahan kata petit yg dimaksud itu karena Albertnya tampan. Jadi bisa dimaksudkan -Charming prince- jadi teteup.. Prince sur la colline tu Albert bukannye Terry. Bilangin tuh ke kawan kawan di forum. Gw pernah ke forum Candy Terry buat cari info ngebandingin mana yg lebih masuk akal. Dulu gw sempat yakin Terry anohito.. Tapi jadi aneh ceritanya alias janggal. Untung deh gak lama kena brainwashnya bwahahaha Tuh terjemahan inggrisnya juga sudah lengkap di blog yg lain. Baca blog sana-sini. Yg ini aku dapet alamatnya dari blog yg situ pernah mampir. Trus terang, kronologis yg ada di sini aja terasa sangat janggal. Tapi bagus deh, baca baca komen situ diatas katanya lagi belajar jepang ye?Moga moga juga nanti beli buku Candy candy yg orisinilnya jadi bisa kebuka lebar lebar mata & pikiran. Kan ada page gitu yang memaparkan buku asli novel Candy Jepangnya. Sensei Nagita pandai menyelipkan bukti bukti yang seakan akan Terry anohito tapi ternyata bukan. Intinya cuma di PHP in XD
Ngomong ngomong Nila siapa? Katanya orang Jepang? Trus tinggal di prancis. Auuh kebetulan banget ye kok bisa samaan ma Lady Gato dikirimin surat ma Pika. Ih deket banget deh kalian sama Pika jadi bikin iri. Terus siapa lagi yg kirimin surat ke Pika. Mesti kebanykan fans Terry yg gak puas & minta ubah sub judul nomor 2. Ya Pika cerdas ngademin fans Terry supaya tetep laku jualannya nanti. Fans Terry kalau beli buku terjemahan prancis pasti ogah ogah gimanaa gitu tapi terpaksa buat intip isinya juga. Klo Nila pernah tinggal di Prancis brarti dia tau dong bagaimana film Candy Candy di siarkan disana? Film itu disana pernah ada sedikit perubahan yg mempengaruhi isi cerita keseluruhan. Apakah itu? Klo Nila pernah tinggal disana, dia pasti tau. Yah sekian deh dariku. Salam damai! Peace!

Icha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Icha said...

Mbak, kalo Mbak marah, silakan marah di tempat lain. Sepertinya kita ga akan bisa setuju dengan apapun juga, ya gapapa. Tapi mohon menuliskan pendapat Mbak dengan lebih sopan dan tidak patronising.

"Situ" adalah kata yang kasar sekali untuk orang lain, tentunya Mbak juga sadar akan hal itu. Mohon Mbak, agar kita saling menghormati, walau kita tidak berpandangan yang sama.

Utk bahasa Jepang, mungkin bisa baca post nya dia orang Jepang yg bisa bicara bahasa Inggris juga. Dan dia berkesimpulan bahwa Anohito itu Terry.. walaupun dia juga setuju bahwa Albert dan Candy pernah saling mencintai.

Omong-omong, salam damai Mbak yg terakhir tidak damai sekali. Don't say that if you don't mean it.

Semoga suatu saat Mbak benar-benar bisa damai.

Mier Volcano lazerone said...

Masak -situ- dianggap bhs kasar? :O
Oke ibu Maaf kalau komentar sya sudah buat ibu merasa resah. Ya ya ibu dan sya kayaknya memang tak akan sependapat. Beda pemikiran. Pesan saya: Bu, cari kebenaran dan bukan andai andai. Hati hati dengan orang di sekeliling ibu karena ibu tidak benar benar mengenal mereka. Salam hormat

Mier Volcano lazerone said...

Maksud sya yang di dumay ya bu.khususnya Candy Candy fandom

Icha said...

Dan pesan saya kepada Mbak Mier adalah: mohon bisa menerima bahwa tiap orang berhak memiliki kebenaran mereka masing-masing. Saya tidak asal main dengar saja maka saya berpendapat ttg siapa Anohito itu dll. Saya menganalisis CCFS berdasarkan pemahaman saya sendiri. Jika pendapat saya itu dianggap salah oleh Mbak Mier, tidak apa. Tapi mohon jangan mencap bahwa saya hanya menelan apa kata orang lain tanpa analisis saya sendiri. Dalam pekerjaan saya sehari-hari sebagai peneliti, saya memang selalu berusaha menganalisis informasi dan memberikan arti berdasarkan apa yg saya pahami. Jadi apa yg saya lakukan di sini adalah yg saya yakini benar adanya.

Jika Mbak Mier tidak setuju, tidak apa. Tapi bukan berarti saya tidak mengerjakan PR analisis saya sendiri.

Begitu saja...

momwithsneakers said...

Terlepas dari siapa Anohito,
dari cara menyampaikam pendapat, opini dan argumen di post ini, menurut saya pembaca bisa menilai bagaimana kita sebagai individu.

Salam hormat utk semua.

Icha, as always, I love your post 😊

Unknown said...

I'm glad that i found this blog. I was accidentally found out about Candy Candy Final Story. Just like you, I was left broken hearted for Candy-Terry story. I like Albert too. But for me his relation with Candy is more siblings like that a lover. He indeed someone Candy will always feel greatful and gratitute. But with Terry, you can feel and see how much Candy's life changed a lot. Because of Terry, she finally knows what she wants to be instead of living in luxury that Albert can provide her. She eloped to follow her heart which always lead to Terry.

I agree with your point of view. If Keiko was intended to write Albert as the anohito in the novel, what's the point then since we all know that in the manga ending, Candy was with Albert.

Usually we will try to make up something that already done for if we were some how not satisfied with the result or not like what we expected.

The 3 things that you pointed out wwere very clear to me that in the novel, the anohito is Terry. I also analyze and read the story. If not why would Keiko brought up the open door for Candy-Terry story? The death of Suzanna is one of the key. It was so pitiful for Terry who loves Candy so much and had to spend his life time because of the responsibilty he felt for Suzanna. And Im thankful for the writer who finally put the end of that situation for Terry. He did nothing wrong and yet his life was so miserable and had to separate from his beloved Candy.

And the most important thing is the letter that Terry sent to Candy. It speaks so loud, how his feeling never changed after those years already passed. 8-10 years after they painful separation in NYC. Terry is still the same. His love for Candy has never changed.

The other hand there's no story if Candy ever replied to Terry's letter. For me the answer already in front of us. The conclusion at the end. That after Terry's letter, some how Candy and Terry finally found their way back to each other's arms once again and for the last time.

What made me so sure that the anohito is Terry are the Shakespeares books in the study room where Candy lives now with her husband. We knew who was truly fan of Shakespeare. TERRY. And the affection that Terry always felt for Candy, after 10 years the painful separation, it's so makes sense that how her beloved husband needs her always to stay by his side. English is Terry's root. And how Candy stated/ described in the end of the final novel, when her beloved husband came back home. " I hear that GENTLE VOICE, which is ALWAYS CAPABLE OF MAKING MY HEART BEATING HARD. He is here, at the door, looking at me with THAT SMILE THAT I LOVED SO MUCH.."

For me it's very clear that Candy was talking about Terry. There're some parts in the novel described details about how Candy loves Terry's voice and smile.
-( the painful separation when Terry back hugged Candy for the last time}, " HIS VOICE,...THAT DEEP VOICE THAT I LOVED SO MUCH. I had never wished so intensely that time would stop...."

- ( the narrative part 2), during Candy's looking Terry's photograph and news clipping that she put in the jewelry box. ".., but I was sure that even his appearance alone at the auditions had been enough to attract the eyes for all present. HIS DEEP VOICE, neither particulary sharp nor particulary low, his audacity and HIS SMILE, SO SOFT AND SWEET, CAPABLE OF SHAKING ANY HEART..."

- ( Candy's letter to Terry), "..I remember that time when you told me that you would like to see some day the place where I grew up. And I also remember YOUR SMILE."