Thursday, 24 August 2017

A new Candy (and Terry) blog!

Candy and Terry, art by Igarashi Yumiko
Hi there! Since I found out about Candy Candy the Final Story, I have made four Candy-related posts in my personal blog. However, knowing my penchant of writing something I'm passionate about (ahem, my old wuxia mania, for instance...), today I've decided to make a new blog specifically about Candy and Terry.

I owe the birth this blog to many fans at the, particularly webmistress Nila. The "Shakespearean Fool" part of the blog name was originally inspired by Josephine Hymes, for she wrote Candy nicknaming Terry as a "Pompous Fool" in her amazing "The Season of Daffodils" fan-fiction.

Then I found out that there are Shakespearean fools in Shakespeare plays. Hence I think Terry - as a Shakespearean actor - would not mind to be called a "Shakespearean Fool", for he was usually a fool when he was in love...

Email me if you'd like to talk to me privately, otherwise, drop a comment on the posts!

Although the blog focuses more on Candy and Terry, I love most of Candy Candy characters (except for the Lagans and the Marlowes). I particularly love William Albert Ardlay and Alistair Cornwell, so I might celebrate them as well in future posts.


TG said...

Congratulations on your new blog! :) We can never have enough blogs dedicated to Candy & Terry/Anohito! TG certainly approves! ;)

Icha said...

My dear Mr Granchester, many thanks for the warm welcome! Might have a new article tonight or tomorrow... and I think you'll like it!

(I feel like I'm Miss Pony or Sister Lane now...)

Anneth White said...

Hi dear Freckled Tarzan (Icha). I LOVE your blog. You have a lot of interesting things about CCFS!!! congratulations!! I am your follower. Also i saw dear T.G. wrote a message. What an honor!!!! Hugs

Icha said...

Thanks a lot, Anneth! Having CC veterans like you and TG (also Lady Gato) dropping by and saying hi to me has been an amazing experience! I will post a statistical findings in the next few days. I think you as a scientist will like that. Will also post the announcement in the forum. TTYL!